Shashlik (pork skewers) in beer marinade

• 1, 5 kg of meat (pork neck, lamb, beef or ribs)
• Dark beer – 1 bottle (0, 5 l)
• Red onions – 3 pieces
• Garlic – 7 cloves
• Thyme – 10 springs
• Bay leaf – 3 pieces
• Vegetable oil – 1/3 of glass
• Black peppercorns– 1 tsp.
• Salt

Step 1. Wash meat and thyme.
Step 2. Clean and slice onions.
Step 3. Clean garlic cloves and press them with back side of a knife.
Step 4. Put slice and onions into a bowl, pour over the beer.
Step 5. Add the vegetable oil.
Step 6. Add thyme, bay leaves and black pepper.
Step 7. Season with salt properly (3 tea spoons).
Step 8. Cut the meat into pieces of 6×4 cm size.
Step 9. Put a meat into the marinade and mix it well with your hands.
Step 10. Leave to marinate for 4-6 hours at room temperature (if it is not too hot, of course) or even better in the refrigerator overnight.
Step 11 Cook meat over the charcoals in „Pilsena“ barbecue grill, pouring marinade over the meat while cooking. Bon Appétit!

Note: The meat is calculated about 300 g per person or 500 g, if you have a “strong” meat eaters.