Set: folding legs, original stainless-steel grill grid, bottom stainless-steel shelf.

• Made of a thick stainless steel.
• Grill shape distributes the grilling temperature evenly and maintains it for long time.
• Output of wood or charcoal is up to 50% less compared to usual metal grills.
• Durable, corrosion-proof, does not overheat, maintains its form.
• Mobile – it is folding comfortably and fits easily into a car boot.
• Universal – it may be used with grid or spits.
• Suitable for grilling fish, meat, lyuliya kebab, fruit, and even desserts.
• It may be used for picnics.
• It stands as an exceptional interior or exterior design element.

Height: 95 cm.
Length: 53.2 cm.
Width: 48.3 cm.
Weight: 24 kg.

White oak (or ash) plate with stainless steel frame
Solid spits (6 pcs.)
A spit with an electric motor
Thermometer +500C

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